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RedHawk3 Duplex™

All-in-One Remote Monitoring for Pump Stations


  • 120VAC Power to “GNL” connector
  • Status inputs #1 – #3 are rated for 120VAC input
  • Status #1 – Alarm
  • Status #2 – P1 running
  • Status #3 – P2 running
  • Analog #1 – User-defined input (transducer/flowmeter)
  • Analog #2 – P1 current
  • Analog #3 – P2 current


  • Three (3) 120V status inputs monitors alarm light status, pump1 run, and pump2 run
  • Three 4-20mA analog inputs allow the optional monitoring of a level transducer, pump1 current, and pump2 current
  • Powered by 120VAC
  • Internal surge suppression on all 120V inputs (power and status inputs)
  • Internal rechargeable lithium battery keeps unit powered and online during power failures
  • Antenna is a small “rubber ducky” type that works in most applications. External antenna options are available for areas with low cellular signal