Cities and towns across the southeast have chosen Hawk SCADA as their solution to remotely monitor, control and manage their water and wastewater processing systems. Some customers have added all their utility services to their Hawk SCADA system to create a citywide infrastructure, enabling them to remain in control of their water, wastewater, natural gas, and power distribution systems at all times.

·      Water & Wastewater Processing

·      Natural Gas Processing

·       Energy Management

Water & wastewater treatment is the largest industry we serve when it comes to our municipal customers. We offer customized solutions to serve our clients’ needs, regardless if they are a small rural water association or a large municipality that is managing multiple utility systems with their SCADA system. 

At Hawk SCADA, we specialize in providing customized systems to fit the demands of our customers. We don’t just sell products. Yet we do offer ready-made products such as the versatile RedHawk alarm light/cellular auto-dialer which can also be customized from a simple alarm to even controlling devices. RedHawk is very easily installed by an operator in less than 20 minutes.


The knowledge of our service technicians and engineers enables us to totally customize a municipality’s system based on their specific needs. Here are a few examples:

  • Simple alarming system for clients that do not need remote control or extensive data collection capabilities but do need alarming to become aware of potential emergency situations.
  • Complex remote monitoring and control systems for entire water and wastewater operations are able to monitor an unlimited number of assets such as wells, tanks, lift stations, etc.
  • Phone line replacement replaces costly and aging landlines with whatever communication model best fits the location. Our RF, cellular, and IP-based products communicate with all modes from wireless, WAN, UHF, and VHF as well as fiber optics. Phone line replacement can save your system serious money and provide increased system reliability.
  • Incorporate existing competitor hardware into Hawk SCADA systems when possible, to further your previous investments. We can often reutilize equipment you already own and include it in a new system installation.
  • Add wastewater treatment facilities to a water processing system, including a workstation that can monitor the entire utility network. Our systems can start small and grow to meet your needs over time.