Natural Gas Processing

Some of our municipality clients have chosen a Hawk SCADA system to help monitor and alarm their natural gas departments. The system enables them to gather data — in real time — from remote locations, where in the past required personnel to physically check the dials or meters, manually record the data, then transfer that data via phone or typing it out into a report. This process was not only time-consuming but also enabled costly and perhaps dangerous mistakes to be made.

Today, our municipalities who monitor their natural gas departments use their Hawk SCADA system to digitally monitor the sensors and regulate gas pressure appropriately. Operators can set alarms to inform them of any gas leaks that have been detected, as well as set low- and high-pressure situations. Your Hawk SCADA system can include a direct connection to the odor injector equipment and pressure valve, with immediate reports available to keep these important criteria monitored.

For more information on how we can help you implement a Hawk SCADA system on in your natural gas department, contact us.