Hawk SCADA systems can be implemented in a municipality’s electrical power department to monitor and alarm many aspects of the operation. From the simplest of alarms indicating low to no power on the main circuit, to a complex system designed to improve system reliability, operation, control, and protection of the entire power grid — Hawk SCADA works with power distribution professionals to implement a custom-fit system.

Some of the benefits of implementing a Hawk SCADA system in a power distribution network include:

  • Monitor and control your distribution network remotely providing a continuous eye on the system
  • Reduce outage time through an alarming system that will enable operators to address problems quickly
  • Increased customer satisfaction by having the ability to provide faster power restores when service is disrupted
  • Avoid damage to your equipment by pinpointing problems early


For more information on how we can help you implement a Hawk SCADA system on in power distribution department, contact us.