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The Hawk Informer

Water pressure monitoring and alarm


Finally, an affordable option to monitoring process pressure with a built-in alarming system to notify you when system pressure is outside of your specified pressure range. Simply connect it to an outside faucet of a home, or with an inexpensive adapter connect it to a fire hydrant and collect vital information to solve pressure problems anywhere in your service area. When you’ve solved that problem, move it to other areas of town where water pressure problems are being reported. The unit is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery. Power can also be supplied to the Hawk Informer through other sources to better accommodate remote areas that are not frequently visited by an operator.

The Hawk Informer is a cellular-based, self-contained and environmentally sealed device that will monitor process pressure, collect data, and report any problems to you through a phone call or text. The Hawk Informer can also be used to monitor standpipe water levels as well as to sense a float in a manhole. Let Hawk SCADA help you adapt one of our newest products to your needs!


Technical Specifications:


  • Cellular-based, battery-operated, self-contained and environmentally sealed alarming device.
  • Contains internal transducer to measure process pressure.
  • Power: Internal, rechargeable lithium battery (est. life 3-6 weeks depending on user settings). Can also be connected to AC power as well as a deep-cycle battery.
  • TWO external 4-20mA inputs. Optionally, 4-20mA input #2 can be configured as a relay output driver at time of order.
  • External switch closure input can be used for float switches, pressure switches, or any other dry closure.