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Hawk Falcon

Cellular-based control perfect for phone line replacement

  The Hawk Falcon is an affordable all-in-one solution for connecting inputs and outputs in your control application.

In simplest terms: it wirelessly separates a relay’s coil from it’s contacts.

The Hawk Falcon TM supports three inputs and three outputs. Each input is wirelessly coupled to the output of the paired device and visa versa.

The Hawk Falcon™ is a cellular-based device that can receive and send 1/0 signals near instantly, removing the need for an expensive wired connection between devices.

Additionally, multiple Hawk Falcons TM can be interconnected, allowing one device’s inputs to connect with other devices’ outputs



  • Line Passer
  • Replace Site-to-Site leased phone lines
  • Remote Control of Inputs and Outputs
  • Conduit-less Control Wiring