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Hawk 1500

Providing multiple connection choices to monitor and control your operations

The Hawk 1500 is the perfect solution for surface mining, portable sewer pumps and water treatment plants who need to monitor and control their operations remotely. It gathers data and reports to a secure web interface in real time and watches your site like a Hawk! GPS option can be added to the Hawk 1500 so you know where your portable pumps are at all times. It also works with most existing equipment — whether it is a Hawk product, or not. This is true for most of our product offering. As it gathers data, the Hawk 1500 reports back to our secure servers. You can then access your data using HawkWeb, our online software. You have access to real-time data (such as charts and data logs), and can also set alarms and control certain actions at your locations. It’s like having an operator onsite 24/7/365! We’re always watching your system like a Hawk.


A standard Hawk 1500 system includes: 

  • 1 Hawk 1500 module 
  • 1 connection module (see Connectivity below) 
  • 1 power supply with battery backup 

Optional add-ons: 

  • Hawk Mesh Radio – to allow other Hawk units to connect to main unit without additional cellular charges 
  • NEMA 4X sealed enclosure 
  • HMI touchscreen panel for onsite monitoring & controlling 


  • Cellular or 900 MHz RF 
  • Wifi & Ethernet modes available for sites with internet connectivity